Florida Music Tours

Florida Music Tours

Music is a window into Florida's many cultures and traditions. Just as Florida treats visitors and residents to its vast natural diversity, so too can it lead you through an abounding musical landscape.

Each Florida Music Tour acts as your guide to a musical genre or style that takes you through Florida's musical history and across the state to where that music came from and where it can be heard today. So how do you start your Florida Music Tour? It’s easy! Just listen, learn and visit!

Listen to music from the Florida Folklife Collection, which includes bluegrass and old-time, blues, folk, gospel, Latin and world music.

Learn about the influential performers who have preserved Florida’s musical history and popularized the sounds of the Sunshine State.

Visit musical festivals, venues and historical sites around the state to experience Florida's music firsthand.

Florida Music Tours span from the early days of the Delta Blues in the Panhandle, to the cherished folk and bluegrass of the north-central Suwannee heartland, and down into the lively Latin-Caribbean styles of central and south Florida. Each music tour will include a historical overview, select locations, featured musicians and places you can visit.

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